Mug of Tea                          £1.00

 Pot of Tea-per person                           £1.20

 Speciality Teas                    £1.20

 Mug of Coffee                        £1.20

 Cafetiére ground coffee for two               £3.80

 Milky  Coffee                              £1.90

 Hot Chocolate                        £1.20

          …With cream                               £1.50

         …With Cream & Marshmallows     £1.80

 Glass of Milk                 £1.00

 Canned Drinks                     80p

 Fresh Orange Juice                                £1.00

 Fruit Cordial                                         50p 

Bottle Still Water                                      50p


 Toast & Butter 40p  with Butter & Jam     50p 

 Toasted Tea Cakes  with butter & jam   £1.20       

 Beans on Toast                 £3.20

Homemade Soup of the Day

Please place your order at the counter

Farmhouse Salad Platter

Baked ham, Mature Cheddar Cheese, Coleslaw, Pickles, Chutney and a fresh dressed crisp mixed salad

Served with a crusty wedge of fresh bread   


Smoked Salmon & Prawn Salad

Oak Smoked Salmon & Prawns  with a dressed seasonal salad

Served with a crusty wedge of fresh bread    



     All Served with a crisp side salad- choice of toppings

Cheese & Pickle- £5.50  

Tuna, Sweet corn & Mayo – £5.80

 Cheese & Beans- £5.80 

Prawn Marie Rose – £5.80


Egg Mayonnaise                                 £4.50

Cheese with Tomato, Onion or Chutney      £4.50

Baked Ham                                 £4.80

Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato                          £4.80

Tuna & Mayonnaise                           £4.80

Smoked Salmon & Creamed Cheese                                £5.00

Prawn Marie Rose             £5.00

Freshly made – Served with crisps

& Salad garnish on white or brown bread



Cheese & Tomato, Onion or Pineapple          £4.80

Tuna Melt  Tuna & melted cheese              £5.00

Ham Melt  Baked Ham & melted cheese      £5.00

Corned Beef Melt  Corned beef & cheese        £5.00                               

Bacon with Cheese                          £5.00

Served with Coleslaw & Salad Garnish

On white or brown bread

Gluten Free Cakes available 

Please ask for selection


Strawberry & Vanilla       Banana Split

Chocolate & Toffee      Mint & Chocolate

£3.80      Children £1.90

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